Investing in Real Estate in Nigeria

Real Estate in Nigeria is an ever-increasing-in-value investment. A few know about this basic fact and have been drinking from its profitable stream. Today, many people are very sceptical about venturing into real estate investment due to a number of factors. However, Expert Properties  states that “real estate has many advantages over investing in stocks, bonds or mutual funds.” Certain Nigerians already know this and have since dived into this money-generating sector.

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Estates in Lekki


Lekki is a city which is located in Lagos State, Nigeria. Many estates are located within Lekki because of its strategic geographical location in Lagos. Lekki is located towards the east side of Lagos State. It is a naturally formed peninsula. To its west side, we have Victoria Island and Ikoyi districts of Lagos. It has the Atlantic Ocean to its Southside, Lagos Lagoon to its North and Lekki Lagoon to its east.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Periwinkle Lifestyle Estate Is The Best Place To Raise A Family

With so many family-friendly locations and ideal communities across the city, Lekki is undoubtedly a modern haven for both local and international families. Periwinkle Lifestyle Estate is one of the communities in Lekki that caters and offers one-of-a-kind family lifestyle. A luxurious community that compliments well to the standard of high-end living incorporating stylish residences, sophisticated facilities, and great outdoor setup suitable for families.

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