Periwinkle Residences Limited

Periwinkle Residences Limited is a Lagos based real estate company and the developer of Periwinkle Lifestyle Estate and other high-end luxury homes in Lagos. The flagship project is Periwinkle Lifestyle Estate which is located at the New Lagoon District, (the new Waterview residences of Lekki phase 1) Lagos. Set in the water views and deep in the Lagos Lagoon, the location is excellent for high-end real estate development. This near-perfect location has made Periwinkle one of the most sought-after by real estate investors and first-time buyers.

The Periwinkle development consists of serviced plots and ready to move-in homes. The homes are a selection of luxury 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and Penthouses. Also, available are 4-bedroom townhouses and villas. These homes are exclusively designed according to Periwinkle design guidelines to suit varieties of tastes – antic, contemporary, and Avande garde. Each residence incorporates a distinctive design with generous layouts, wide site outs, unraveled living rooms and bathrooms finishing, and grandeur kitchens set in an enchanting architecture epitomizing style, elegance, and class.

The key consideration in real estate is location. However, Periwinkle is more than just a location. Commented developer Chiedu Nweke, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Periwinkle Residences Limited.

“at Periwinkle, we do not look at the moon from the earth but at the earth from the moon” – Xiang Bing

Therefore every detail counts. The Periwinkle brand is a marvel, to say the least. The infrastructure was designed with an emphasis on quality, elegance, and style. The imposing brilliant white estate gatehouse is an architectural monument and a common photo drop for visitors. Designed in Lebanon and constructed by AL Mansur Construction company it is fitted with a Victorian styled rot iron gate designed and built by Ratti Matti, a Lagos rot iron specialist. The gatehouse has twin front and back gardens of colorful flowers and royal palm topped with ten water fountains and at night, the lighting is brilliant.

The estate gate opens to a red interlocking road, one of the distinctive hall-marks of Periwinkle. The road is lined on both sides with select trees and royal palms with remote censored 100 watts street lighting set 30 meters apart for good illumination without daylight brightness. All estate utility services are underground with 4 bar water pressure, vacuum sewage, 24-hour power, Wi-Fi, CCTV, and 24-hour security patrols.

All are distinctively Periwinkle in concept and style.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted brand in the real estate business in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality homes at affordable prices and to have a sustainable relationship with our customers. We are, therefore, flexible and innovative in matching the needs of our customers.

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